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Gone far too long....

Started by Patrick Smith in General Forum. Last reply by datzenmike on Tuesday. 5 Replies

Jump Start

Started by datzenmike in Engine Problems. Last reply by channing on Monday. 9 Replies


Started by Andrey in General Forum on Monday. 0 Replies

Brake Lines Source

Started by David Smith in General Forum. Last reply by datzenmike Jan 12. 2 Replies

Engine swap thoughts

Started by Andrey in General Forum. Last reply by Andrey Jan 8. 4 Replies

Tie rod ends

Started by Joe Wilson in General Forum. Last reply by Steve g Dec 28, 2016. 8 Replies

1 piece rear window gasket

Started by Todd in Buy, Sell, Trade. Last reply by Steve g Dec 17, 2016. 3 Replies


About 720World

720World Members

Ning, the parent company hosting this website, has today 9/1/2016 announced a doubling of the monthly fees associated with keeping this network online.  This comes despite any upgrade to the product road map in the last 2-3 years, and they are offering no additional services or a path to upgrade the network.

To me, this is a less than subtle way of letting the network creators know that it's time to move on and find somewhere else to go.  And it is not sustainable for me to continue on with 720World with Ning without charging more for basic membership, which I do not wish to do.

Unfortunately, this means there is change coming.  I can't say where 720World can go at this point, and how much of the existing content we'll be able to transfer with it.  But I will do my best to keep as much intact as I can.

For the time being, I'm halting approval of all new memberships.  I'm sorry for anyone who wishes to join, but I can't take on a liability of providing a year's membership without knowing if we'll be here in the next year.  So my plan is to migrate 720World within the next year, so that everyone who has already joined and paid a membership, has a least a year available here where we are now.

I'll update everyone more as it develops.  I appreciate the support of so many of our members over the last 10 years, and hope to continue this on where ever we end up going to next.

The 720World.com website will be transitioning to a paid membership of $5 a year starting 1/15/2015.

New members will be required to make payment after their application has been approved, and before they will be able to access the full website.

If you want to join, or renew, but you can't make payment by PayPal then email 720world@outlook.com for instructions for mailing a US postal money order payment.

Thank you all for your support.

720WORLD is a spinoff of the popular MSN User Group, Nissan/Datsun 720 Pickup Owners (nissandatsun720pickupowners@groups.msn.com) which was founded by Patrick Smith many moons ago...

The mission of 720World is to provide a central place for Datsun and Nissan 720 owners from around the world to gather, share information, and help one another.

While we are primarily focused on the 720 series here, we welcome owners of any Datsun or Nissan truck to participate! We all share a common lineage and pride. So whether you have a D21, Patrol, 620, Ute, or just a Nissan engine in your truck, join in and share.

That being said, welcome to 720World.com!

Corey Amundson aka TigerRacing



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Latest Activity

datzenmike replied to Patrick Smith's discussion Gone far too long....
"The Z24 crank won't drop into the Z22 block without cutting down the counterweights and block etc.etc. But the Z24 engine is complete and ready to go. Hell they were 130 torque at 2,800 to start with."
mazspd6 replied to Todd's discussion Factory fuel sending unit resistance range, gauge install questions.
"LOL...sounds like you have a good project going!   Just spent the last two years rebuilding mine..soo yeah. When I was repairing some rust at the body mounts and replacing the carpet, in an effort to reduce some noise, I used a brush on…"
channing replied to datzenmike's discussion Jump Start
"It's ok. I had a pan fabbed up two weeks ago and got mounts from ratsun. Should be dropping it in soon"
Patrick Smith replied to Patrick Smith's discussion Gone far too long....
"I think part of it has to do with the high compression.  The other has to do with the moderate cam I'm running.  Certainly the larger bore and stroke of the Z24 as well as the larger intake ports of the Z24 should on paper allow for…"
Andrey posted a discussion


So ive pulled out a sd23 from a rear wheel drive 720.I am now faced with the task of rebuilding the sd23 and removing my sd25. Question is, what is the best way to tackle this? Should i pull the motor just be removing it at the mounts and pull the transmission out aswell( this would me unbolting the tailshaft at the transfer case, and removing thd supporting cross member. Or is it possible to just unbolt at the bellhousing and pull the motor and leave the transmission exactly where it is?Any…See More
mazspd6 replied to mazspd6's discussion wtb: OEM 3 spoke sport steering wheel
"That is pretty much identical to the one I currently have except the spokes are  black and it must be a 13" wheel. I want to replace it because I feel like it's too small and I would be more comfortable with a stock-ish size. I have…"
Steve g replied to Patrick Smith's discussion Gone far too long....
"I was thinking... your  numbers are coming from the shorter stroke z22.... that is pretty darn good. I wonder what you would achieve by adding a z24 crank. "
Patrick Smith replied to Patrick Smith's discussion Gone far too long....
"I thought the same thing about the dyno readings from my 720. I have a video of it on the dyno, which was cool. So glad I paid the money and got a pro to do it, although I have since made significant adjustments. At the time of the dyno the engine…"
datzenmike replied to Patrick Smith's discussion Gone far too long....
"Hey Patrick good to hear from you.  In the last 4-5 years I gave my 620 away but pulled the Z24 and 5 speed out. Driving my '76 710 goon that's from Nevada. Good to see the 720 again and hear about it. 103 RWHP is impressive and the…"
Patrick Smith replied to datzenmike's discussion Jump Start
"Pour some UV dye into the oil and use a blacklight.  Works like a charm on those hard to find leaks.  I had a hard time with a leak a while back on a customer car.  turned out to be a porous aluminum casting and the oil was leaking…"
Patrick Smith posted a discussion

Gone far too long....

Hi all.First, let me start off by saying, no, I haven't left the 720 scene.  Not by a long shot.  I have been very active on the Nissan 720 Owners Facebook page, and that's mostly from convenience.  Logging in and getting over to here has been uncommon in recent years.That said, I have been working hard to keep all of my projects running.  My '82 King Cab has been running well and I even splurged on some nice tires and the 80-82 style 4x4 stripes.  Mike Cieply in Oregon set me up with some 4x4…See More
Patrick Smith replied to datzenmike's discussion Jump Start
"Talking about that KA Swap....  I owe you the apology of a lifetime.... Two years ago I was going to sell you the swap mounts and oil pan off my former KA Swap so you could finish yours.  If you still want them, send me an e-mail to…"

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