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The 720World.com website will be transitioning to a paid membership of $5 a year starting 1/15/2015.

For new and existing members, PLEASE do not use the Donate App to pay your subscription, this forces me to have to do a lot of extra work to make sure that the money is going towards your subscription and to extend your subscription, rather than just count it as just a donation.  You will be prompted for payment when you're existing subscription is up, and when done this way, it will automatically extend your subscription the appropriate amount of time.  You'll also have options to join for multiple years, or for life.

Current members (who did not donate before January 15th) have access to the website until Feb 15th 2015 after which you will be prompted to make payment when you visit the website.

New members will be required to make payment after their application has been approved, and before they will be able to access the full website.

If you want to join, or renew, but you can't make payment by PayPal then email 720world@outlook.com for instructions for mailing a US postal money order payment.

Thank you all for your support.

720WORLD is a spinoff of the popular MSN User Group, Nissan/Datsun 720 Pickup Owners (nissandatsun720pickupowners@groups.msn.com) which was founded by Patrick Smith many moons ago...

The mission of 720World is to provide a central place for Datsun and Nissan 720 owners from around the world to gather, share information, and help one another.

While we are primarily focused on the 720 series here, we welcome owners of any Datsun or Nissan truck to participate! We all share a common lineage and pride. So whether you have a D21, Patrol, 620, Ute, or just a Nissan engine in your truck, join in and share.

That being said, welcome to 720World.com!

Corey Amundson aka TigerRacing


Latest Activity

furze 777 commented on Lunch Box's photo


"I tried camping in a tent...wind pretty much trashed it. I can see the welds between those links....LOL."
furze 777 commented on Lunch Box's photo


"Glad you could find some...I drove thru some remote horse areas and saw none that I thought were wild.  Saw some nice country though."
furze 777 replied to Tagdot's discussion Fuel Pump Damper
"Ran into the fuel damper issue with my 86 Z24I.  Nissan no longer sells the original...I tried umpteen places for a used one....they keep the fuel pump and crush the rest? The old one collected debris in a humid climate and rusted thru on top.…"
Todd posted a discussion

Ka24 differences

Okay so here we go...I am wanting to swap a ka24 into my 84 720...simple enough (hahaha)...Now I am wanting to use the girdled bottom end ka (240 engine mfg'd in Japan) as compared to the main capped bottom end (truck engine mfg'd in Mexico?). I prefer this for strength. My curiosity is I've seen there is at least 2 different distributor locations for the ka's...front in timing cover (crank driven) and rear in head (cam driven) can the girdled engine run the crank driven distributor setup? Or…See More
Todd replied to Todd's discussion Carb running dry, idle adjustment.
"Yeah but it's only costing $60 from the dealer so screw it, change it and be done...plus it's a safety device for a reason right..."
Todd replied to Todd's discussion Carb running dry, idle adjustment.
"Actually I had the alternator re-wired for more output...only problem is it doesn't charge at idle...which is when I'm having my issues...I will test this component to verify...wow thanks for that...and yeah it is conveniently left out..."
datzenmike replied to Todd's discussion Carb running dry, idle adjustment.
"Read this... http://dlarson.hubpages.com/hub/The-Datsun-and-Nissan-Pickup-Fuel-Pump-Relay-What-the-Haynes-Automotive-Repair-Manual-Wont-Tell-You It has directions to jumper the relay it ignore inputs and keep it running. If this solves the problem…"
Jim is now a member of 720World
Jun 28
Steve Phelps liked Steve g's photo
Jun 28
datzenmike replied to brad morehart's discussion 80 bucks for vacuum advance!!!
"Diagnosing the problem correctly could be the problem. No spark, and the first thing some people do is replace the module or the coil.... and... it still does not work. There are two spark plug firing systems on the Z series engine. The intake are…"
Jun 28
brad morehart replied to brad morehart's discussion 80 bucks for vacuum advance!!!
"Really don't want to be left in traffic again. Did ignition get hot?"
Jun 27
brad morehart replied to brad morehart's discussion 80 bucks for vacuum advance!!!
"Garage!! No fire. Even smelled large gas fumes from no combustion. Truck running great now I eve rebuilt carb while I was waiting for parts."
Jun 27

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