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I was wondering if this year model is similar to the 1985 model because I dont see too much info or parts for the 1986 model(except rockauto.com) why is the 1986 model barely mentioned (in a sense that its not said as much as an 1985 model)

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The '86 is essentially unchanged from the '85. The '86.5 has significant differences, including switching from the computer-controlled carb to TBI ([T]hrottle [B]ody fuel [I]njection).
Ah ok so if I were to get the owner manual for an 85 would it be just like getting the owners manual for an 86? Im trying to get one off rockauto but when I see the pic for the owners manual of an 86 it has a pic of the D21.

I have a 1986 factory service manual and it covers only the Z22, Z24, and SD22.  It does not cover the Z24i.  Everything in the manual is applicable to my 03/1985 720.  There is a separate 1986.5 factory service manual that covers the Z24i

If you're talking about a Haynes/Chilton's manual, though, those tend to cover a much larger range of models.  I also have a Chilton's, and mine covers all the way from 1970–1988, which would explain if it's got a picture of the wrong MY on it.  Just check the date range, and if it covers your truck, you're good to go.  It won't be as in-depth as the shop manual, but it'll help you find your way around things.

Where can I get the 1986 Factory Service Manual that covers the Z24 engine?

There is only one 1986 Factory Service Manual.  That one covers the Z24.  The 1986.5 manual is a different one entirely, and the .5 manual (presumably) covers TBI.  I don't actually have one, so I wouldn't know.

I've found service manuals by looking on eBay.

I see well I got the standard z24, so im sure it will be included in there then, thanks for the info I appreciate it.

86.5 Changed to fuel injection,I have a 85.have the 85 Nissan truck service manual and the haynes manual with the 4x4 720 p;icture on it,Here's a link to get some repair manuals,I paid 75 bucks for my service manual 15 years ago from dealer,no internet back then,Here's another link to the 86 owners manual,still have mine.Here's a free site to use their repair guides,join them,it's free,here's how.

86 was a half year for the 720 before the big change to the hardbody.

 the TBI was availabe for the 86 model 720, but not all of them were, the base model 4x4 and almost all of the 2wd trucks were still carbed.

 As long as your truck is a carbed model then using an 85 manual will be basically identical.

I think April '85 is the earliest EFI 720. As stated it wasn't on all of them. Maybe optional until the '86 model year in June started?

i have never quite sorted it out..... i had an 85 s/t that had TBI, the tag on the door jamb was a sticker rather than the normal metal one and was also an american built model, i wish i remembered the build date because it must have been technically a really early 86.

I also had an 86 parts truck that also was american with the sticker rather than the steel tag, it was a base model 4x4 and was carbed.

i do believe that all the 86 S/T models were TBI.

My truck was sold to me in Sept 1985 as a new 1986 model.  It has the feed back carburetor and it's the long bed Sports Truck Model with the sliding rear window and top that pops up for ventilation.  I added AC at the dealer as my truck didn't come with that option on it from the factor.

It was made it TN USA.  And it's got the metal tag on the door that says it was manufactured in 1985 August. 

Most of the things in the manual for the 1985 trucks seem to be appropriate from my particular truck.

I've always wondered it my truck was an 1985 but the sticker on the truck when I bought it says 1986 model years.  I saved the sticker and looked at it just the other day. 

The VIN number also will tell you when the truck was made.  But I'm not sure of the codes for the model year.  I learned about this in one of my repair books that I bought at AutoZone years ago.  One is the Haynes book and the other is a  Chiton Book.

Yes mine has a hitachi carb. So it should be identical then? How do you know if its TBI does it say on the door jamb. Is there a signifcant difference between the haynes book and the chiton book? (I have the haynes one)


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