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I have a complete 82 200sx. I would like to put the entire engine with efi into my 720. I know that the sx has a front sump oil pan and the dip stick in at the front of the engine. My questions are: what problems should I expect in changing to the 720 oil pan and dipstick, Is there a later model fuel tank with an efi pump built in or should I just plan on adapting an external fuel pump. Will the Z22E intake clear the hood and any other issues that may be a problem. Thanks for any tips.

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Totally possible to do, and have done it before. GREAT engine swap!
What year 720 are you putting it in?

I am a retired mechanic specializing in Datsuns (AJ's Z Car Store) and I too believe this swap will produce an excellent result in general everyday performance and MPG. I am mainly trying to find out what to expect regarding actual fit in the areas of the oil pan and exhaust. I have been doing engine swaps for almost 60 years and I know that I can overcome any issues but in the interest of expediently and the fact that I do not have a fully equipped shop now, I want to be able to plan it so that it is as quick in and out as possible. The chassis is a 1984 King Cab 5 Speed. The wrecked 200SX Which has been stored 15 years is a 1982. I am fully aware of all of the electrical issues involved in converting to EFI.  Thanks for any input especially re the different oil pan arrangement.  

Ok, when I dis this in my '82 4x4 years ago, I used the motor mount and brackets of the 720, as well as the oil pan and dipstick. The stock exhaust bolts right up. I used the 720 lower engine harness, and used the 200SX power steering pump and alternator. The power steering pump on the 82 4x4 and the 200sx is the exact same, but one uses a remote reservoir and the other uses a reservoir on the pump. I didn't even have trouble with hoses since they all worked out the same.

You already know about wiring, but I extended the 200sx harness so I could fit the ecu under the drivers seat.

The only trouble comes from the radiator. I used the factory intake piping and air box from the 200SX and laid it out the same as in the 200SX, but the 720 upper radiator outlet interferes with the intake piping. I would have preferred to use the 720 radiator, fan and shroud, but instead elected to use the 200SX radiator, even though that still was a tight fit. Probably that part was the only compromise of the whole thing. Have fun! I liked that better than the stock carbureted Z24 I put into the truck prior.
Also, as far as oil pan goes, get a 720 4x4 pan and pick-up tube that goes to your year of truck. Take and tap the brass plug out of the rear dipstick location on the Z22E from inside the crankcase and remove the front dipstick tube. Tap in the plug to the front dipstick location. Install the 720 dipstick into the rear location.

On mine, I'm going back to a Z22E, except with KA electronics, so some stuff in doing you will do. It's easy.

Thank you Patrick. This is exactly what I needed to know. My truck is a 2WD so I assume the 2WD pan works in my case. I expect that you had to use the oil pump pickup that matched the pan. I am glad to know that the exhaust will not be a problem and there is a plugged hole at the rear for the dipstick.  Thanks, AJ


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