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A member in the other forum needed some info on a Weber install. Thought I would post some pics here...much better 'clarity'.

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From: OMDave19491

I have a Canadian 85 720 ,"it has the four wire distributor", and I put a 32-36 weber carb on it. Now I want to eliminate all the emisssion ,smog ,etc., and make it as user friendly as possible. I am installing a Doug Thorley header. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what to disconnect , discard, reroute,etc. ? Also my Haynes manual has nothing on the canadian distributor or ignition system. Am almost to hair pulling and at my age I really cant afford it
Thanks in advance,
....."You can eliminate everything.....EGR, VVT valve, AB valve, vacuum switches & boost control valve, thermal vacuum valve...etc. I capped all the metal tubes at the EM.....and put a plate where the EGR was. Cannister is unhooked but not plugged. The (my) Weber has only one vacuum (advance) hose coming from dis and 1 wire for electric choke. The extra wire (4th) can stay." I'll post some pics in http://720world.ning.com/forum
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You will also need a fuel regulator, set at about 2.5lb. Not sure yet if the (Weber) anti-desieling solenoid cuts the fuel off at 'idle' like the stock (IC solenoid) carb. If it dosen't ..........I would be hesitant to invest in one. You can drop the idle and or work your timing to compensate. Your cat can also be removed or auged out.
Thanks for your prompt response.I installled a 32-36 DGV manual choke, no antidieseling solenoid.New electric fuel pump rated at 3psi max,new filter, new pressure regulator, header , removed the cat. After I remove all the smog & emission hardware do I need to rewire the exhaust coil so it fires under a load?
no....once all the vacuum switches and (1) boost valve are removed the exhaust will fire all the time.....even if you removed that 4th wire from the dis.
Gotcha, Thanks you have just been incredibly helpful.Looks like its back to the grease pit. Will post a progress report tomorrrow. Thanks again.
hey sealik... which out of the 4 wires from the dist. can you remove? what color?
i removed every emission piece that i have. better yet, is it possible to remove all?
White.....some years will (84,85, ?) have a seperate connection for this near the coils. With all the other emission pieces removed.....the exhaust will fire all the time.....removed or connected. No....and removing that extra wire will make no dif at this 'time'. I believe if you run less than 3 wires..one of your coils will be non 'condusive'.
OMDave19491 .......Canada you say..................where abouts?
My trucks canadian Ima Yank.
Another question on the Weber application.....'to use one of these plates below the carb?' Various styles. Some for a Z22 or Z24.............the differences were also based on the trucks locale-emissions (I think) and cold start. I'm using a (similiar) one on the right. The next one is for a Z22. The 2 on the left are for the Z24-cold start. Think there are about 2 more styles lying around here...........somewhere.
The longer 'barreled' ones are for the Z22 which only had a 3 wire dis......Hmmmmmmmm.


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