Little Trucks, Big World

Well, we all missed the bus here in trying to get something put together for the 720's 35th anniversary in 2015.

But here we are less than 4 years away from the 40th!  So it's time to start planning!

I would like to organize at least one 720World event for that year, and possibly coordinate others in other parts of the US/World to go along with it.

It would be great to get involved with Nissan on this and have something near Smyrna, Tennessee where the 720 was made in the USA.  However, I know people in the western US and abroad would have a difficult time traveling all the way to Tennessee. So perhaps we could coordinate other events for the same weekend, and we could share in some of the festivities via the interweb??? 

Some activities to consider for this event...

A tour of the Nissan facility (with cooperation from Nissan of course)

A trail ride for the off road folks.

A poker run or road rally.

A parts meet/swap

A truck show

A parade

Camping/Bon Fire

So, I'd like to get a feel for the number of people who might like to participate or help organize this event.  We can then start meeting via chat here on 720world at preset dates/times to start making plans and arrangements, organize a committee, and get the ball rolling.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Let's do this!


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