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Hi ya'll, I just rebuilt my Weber and cleaned my valve cover gasket and put back on.I bought my 32/36 DGEV Weber about 4 years ago,the gaskets needed changing.Got the kit from Ebay.Didn't change the power valve,it was good,it doesn't come with 92.3237.05 rebuild kit.Also tested it.Valve cover wasn't old,had a little leak by the number 3 exhaust spark plug,seems like that's where it always leak,hmmm.Torgued it to 2.2 lbs like the book says in a criss cross pattern like always.The inside of the Weber was super clean,just the outside was dirty,I used brake cleaner to clean it all.Carb. cleaner  was too weak.The kit only had 2 gaskets,one for the middle of both pieces,and 1 for the top of the adapter,I cleaned the gasket that goes on the bottom of adapter.Plus the piece that goes under the adapter has a rubber gasket,it was okay.The 2 T-27 black screws that hold the adapter down were loose,guess from vibration.Also test both ignition coils,they tested good.Plug wires,rotor and rotor cap are fairly new as spark plugs.Radaiator was replace a few months back.Replaced alternator belt,finally found one that fits from Autozone,got lots of room for adjustment,the Gates brand and others are too long,they are about maxed out as you put on,can't get tight enough,which causes not enough volts going to everything,makes you think other things are messed up,so ya'll use Autozone's alternator belt.

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