720World will be shutting down at the end of 2020.  Please see the announcement in the Forums.  No new members are being accepted at this time.  Thanks for all the support over the years, and happy trails.


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720World.com will be shutting down at the end of 2020

Well all good things come, and they go, and it appears it's time to say goodbye!

Despite efforts to get new people engaged through Facebook, it appears that my decision to ask for a $5 a year membership fee really drove a lot of people away for good.  But, nothing in life is free, unless you're in CHAZ.  And as much as I'd like to have kept it free, we are really a very small group of people with a niche passion that not many advertisers either could or would support, so it was a choice to either ask for a fee, or simply shut it down...  But not even a fee has keep the cash flow positive, or even level.

It appears that there are more than enough Facebook pages out there dedicated to the 720 now that no one will really miss this webpage much despite the fact that 720World has features that even Facebook doesn't.   And we don't drown you in advertisements or other distractions...  Thankfully Ratsun.com will likely always be there for us, at least lets hope so.

For 720world.com, the cost to keep the domain up and website running has far exceeded income for many years, but I've kept it up and running basically for the love of the truck, and the people who love them.  Costs keep rising, but membership has been falling.

For any lifetime members or members who have joined within the last year, if you would like a refund I'll be offering a partial refund or SWAG in lue of a refund until it runs out...  Requests for refunds must include proof of purchase and must be made no later than September of 2020.  I'll be taking on no new members for the remainder of this year.

It's been a good run, and a good time here with you all.  I appreciate all the support many of you have given over the years.  I'll hate to let all this useful information go, but I'll try to capture it on DVD if I can before it's shut down.  You can reach me on Facebook, I'll keep the page there up for the immediate future.

Happy Trails.


aka TigerRacing

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