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Reshaping the 4x4 flaps......sort of.....lol
One was curled back into the tire.....not good.
Flares are also on the agenda

Fancy special tool for that! :-)
What kind of paint/primer are you going to use?
The primer for the body is a 2K (2 stage) urethane.....bla ...bla....(?). 4 coats
The paint is a charcoal beige metallic.....seen of the 2006+ f series truck.
Apparently is a bitch to spray
Looks black in the shade.....charcoal or brown in the light.
Will have 2 coats....the second one will have a clear in it.
The paint is from Omni AU. After some research (and after he purchased) I realized it's not the best paint out there. Oh....well....the clear should toughen it up.
Initially.....Was just going to primer the truck....4x4 and all.
But.....things got out of hand.....lol
Everything is basically stripped from the truck for a complete color change.....sooooo...I have to pretty them up before I reinstall.
Only had 1 run on the bush guard.....lol....couldn't see what I was doing.....lighting and all.
Will assembly everything (bumper included) and repaint.
Not too bad for a dirt floor....:)......hopefully the bugs don't pay a visit.

Omni A/U is a hybrid urethane made by PPG..... i have sprayed many cars with it and its a very good product... trust me you will be happy....... the bad thing about it is getting a factory color match is near impossible but if you are spraying a complete its fine..... their metallics are very difficult to spray so have someone familiar with the product spray it or at least have them help you.... The Omni A/U lifespan is about twice as long as PPG's outrageously Priced Concept line. So plan on at least 6 years of a perfect shine before it will need a good buffing.
This is good then.......was hoping you would lend some input.
The guy that's doing the bodywork won't be spraying it....no booth.
Will be charged 500 bucks (total) when I deliver the truck to another 'local'......that includes paint, hardener, clear...etc.....and masking off what remains on the truck....lol
Seen his work....not bad at all. $250 his cost for supplies.......which is a lot less then I could get it for
Already got a quart to spray all the jams....etc
Sorry to thread jack but while you're here Steve, what ratio R-180 and it's LSD? do you have in the front of your 720?
its a 4:10 v-lsd from a WRX automatic... there were several different ratios.. i just got lucky... the v-lsd works wonders in the snow like you wouldnt believe. The only issues to install is you need to machine stub axle retainers to hold the 720 stubs because the WRX uses snap rings that are too deep in the spiders to even reach the stubs.. but the splines are the same....... you also need to use a 86 TBI 720 front driveshaft yoke.... thats about it. Oh yeah and you get a cool heavy-duty diff cover too that amazingly bolts right in a 720...

I had an amax..amex? diff but it had aweful torque transfer from one side to another.... hard to explain... but i would never suggest one
Thank you.

Thank you and thank you Steve for elaborating.






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