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i just just thinking about do an engine swap for more power. I am wanting a V6. Is there any kind of list that would so me what 6 cyl engines would bolt in easy like?

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Or just some ways to get more power. i already have a weber carb (dgav33b1) plus new plugs and wire (ngk). it just seems kinda gut less.

These trucks were made when the speed limit was 55 and gas milage was a big selling point. There is no easy bolt in swaps. Every swap welding is required and a host of other downstream modifications.

thanks for the fast reply. so is there any tricks i can do to get a little more power then? I wasnt really fully wanting to do the engine swap but i would like more power. 

Run ka24 pistons and have valve reliefs cut in. Crane cams makes a good mid-range cam, machine down the rockers to reduce valve train weight, de-burr the intake ports and match port to a z24i intake and run a vg30i weber adapter and this will allow you to run a dgv 32/36 carb with the z24i open plane intake. Add a good tune up. This kinda needs to all be done together to work properly, it won't make a powerhouse but will be better

The KA24DE from a later D-21 will bolt to your transmission. You will need to convert to EFI or Remove the CAS and install a distributor so you can run a carb. There's a guy on Ratsun that has done this.

Hi there Lucas. If your looking for a bit more grunt, if you can get the throttle cable bracket from a Weber 32/36 and the throttle lever also, can swap those to the Weber 38 dges. I already had a 32/36 and when I upgraded, the stuff that came with the 38 was worthless. But those two pieces transferred over. All bolt on. Well I think 3 screws total lol. I will never go back to a 32/36. Thought you might like that because I know I do (cheesin') xD





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