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Hi Ya'll,my shifter boot is crumbling apart.I need a new one,does anyone know where I can get one,gray or black will do.

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Here's a shifter boot I found on Ebay,it says for a 80-83 year,are they different from the 85.I sent them a request which I asked if it will fit my 85 and he replied for me to take a picture of mine and he will see if he could make me one,what do you think,they are pricey,about 50 bucks total with shipping,so I am fixing to go out to my truck and take the boot off and bring it in here and take pics and send to him,I will post it here too. Click on link to see the boot.

Here is my shifter boot,it was black,I painted it gray awhile back..

Hey Tommy. Zman here. I just found this site for the fuel level float assembly. www.new-datsun-parts.com. The good thing about this place is you can call for info. I'm calling Monday to see what I can find out. They have other goodys too. Chk it out....

Hi Zman,I ran into that site yesterday looking for a shifter boot and ran into some parts that I needed and they wanted 9.99 each and I went to parts for Nissan and and they had it for 1.39.That site you found, parts are not for ours on some so beware.It was a door bumper that I ordered,I ordered 2 of them,when you shut the door,it rests against these rubber pieces,mine are gone.I also looked at other parts at that site and they weren't for ours.Here is what they showed.

Part Number

Part Name










Clamp Hood Rod




This is what I ordered from parts for Nissan,The site you found,wanted 9.99 for each,total of 20 bucks..I also ordered a extra hood clamp prop.

He Emailed me back saying the one I asked about will fit my 85.So I will probably spend 50 bucks and get it,I will post pics here so if anyone wants one.

I just ordered the black leather shifter boot that I mentioned,I will post pictures of it installed in my truck when it comes in.It will be here between Feb.9-Feb.16.Coming from U.K.

My shifter boot came in the mail today,just like the original one,real leather,has velcro at the hole so you can open it up to go over the knob,glad it does cause I glue the knob to the shifter years ago and it won't come off.This is the real deal if you want to keep it stock.Check out my pictures...

Looks good!    I had one made by redlinegoods and they did a great job on it.   It's charcoal with light blue stitching to match the interior color.   It costs a bit more than yours did though as it was a custom job. 

They do have the original style with the velcro on their website for $39, I wanted a shorter version that sat under the wide shaft and only covered the naughty bits down below, with no velcro.

Eventually I want them to make me a version of my transfer case boot to match.


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