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Hi Ya'll,I am going to replace my front brake rotors,brake pads and wheel studs soon,I have the original rotors still on there with 360,000 miles.Where is the best place to get the Rotors and brake pads?I replaced the brake lines and the calibers years ago,they are good.I have Auto Zone brake pads on there,they are still good but I am going to replace them with the new rotors. Any ideas...Going to get the wheel studs from Nissan,they are 2.18 each.Got new acorn lug nuts from Ebay for 14 bucks.

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What is the best way to remove my rotor on my 85 Nissan 720 4x4 with Auto-lock free running hub?I want to install new rotors and wheel studs.I got the Nissan Service Manual.It says I need a special tool to remove the wheel bearing lock nut.

Get it figgerd out? Mine's 2WD, can't help.

Yeah, I looked in my 85 Nissan service manual,I have the automatic 4x4 locking hubs which is more to take off than the manual 4x4 hubs,but it is easy,I will have to order the new studs and new rotors.As soon as I get all the parts here,I will replace everything.A hammer and a chisel will do for removing the wheel bearing lock nut.It's not really needed to do right now,I might wait till summer is over,it is real humid here in Georgia.

LOL! TN too. Why you changing rotors?

They have grooves in them.Plus they are worn down,brakes work fine,I also have one stud that needs replaced.When I get time,I will jack up the front end and see how much is left on the brake pads,been a long time since I replaced them.I now have 77,000 miles on my Jasper engine I got in 2009.Now I have over 360,000 miles on speedo.Also the Mobil 1 Extended Performance Full Synthetic Motor Oil and Mobil 1 oil filter is so much better than the other oil and filter I have been using,this oil and filter is good for 15,000 miles.I am getting 19 mpg.A few years ago my short A.C. hose coming out of my compressor blew,and someone on this site in New Mexico sold me a used one,I installed it and last month after I took my 720 to the tint installer to have my tint redone,had warranty,got it done back in 2003,I stopped by Middas and they put new freon and oil in it,already converted over to the new freon type and fittings years ago,it was about 100 bucks,now it is cold driving down the road again,i've been dealing with them for years,they are good.Also had my wife car done there too.They charge 19.99 to check your A.C.system out and if you get them to repair what ever needs done,they don't charge the 19.99.Price other peoples and you will see what a bargain it is. They guarantee there work and call you the next day to see if your happy with there work.


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