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85 Nissan 720 4x4 Coolant Temperature sensor and sender replacement.

Hi Ya'll,just replaced my Coolant Temperature sender and sensor,replaced both back in 2/20/2013.Back then I got the sensor from Autozone and the sender from Nissan here.The sender is a one male blade and sensor is 2 female prong.Back then the prong on the pigtail was busted,had to glue it.I bought the new ones back in May off of Ebay,the sensor from Autozone has a warranty but the closest store that has it it too far away.The sensor I got came with a new pig tail and fittings.My temperature gauge on the dash was reading low bouncing around.The thermostat I use is 170 degrees.It reads just below half way.That's what it is reading now with the new sender.The sensor was 23.71 and sensor was 7.97..97.It took a 5/8 deep well socket to remove the old sender and a 11/16 deep well socket for the new one.The new one has a rubber o-ring on it to seal it.The old sensor was removed and installed with a 19mm deep well socket.The sensor had a copper washer on it to seal it.I didn't remove any antifreeze,when I remove the sender and sensor, antifreeze started coming out so I hurried and put new one's in so a lot wouldn't come out,but I put plastic garbage bag over alternator to keep from getting wet.Also removed battery to get to parts.Used a extension on racket also.

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