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If you ever need to replace the 2 master brake vacuum hoses,don't use  gas line hoses,mine created a crack on the end part that goes into the intake manifold.The original ones on our trucks are hard rubber and the one's at the auto part stores are soft,I bought one piece about  2 feet long and 7/16 diameter,trimmed the length a little,installed it,the suction from the intake  made the hose shrivel up.So I cut the end section off the old one and reinstalled it. Nissan doesn't have anymore of these,someone on Ebay has the other shorter used hose,he wants to get rich,he wants almost 100 bucks,but am not sure if the auto part stores have the hard rubber hoses.

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Just visited Ebay and seen the brake boosters for sell and seen the engines and sent a request to see if anyone wants to sell me the vacuum hose.The 7/16 hose is not very popular,looked on line,and what is said is the silicone hoses.Didn't see any new 7/16 hoses that are new,will take a chance on a used one.If anyone has one that they like to sell me,let me know,or if you need something,I may have it to trade,let's make a deal.

The problem is that brake vacuum hose is only sold in odd numbered 1/32" increments (to avoid getting the wrong type hose)...  The industry standard is pretty much 11/32".  I'm not sure you'll find any vacuum hose larger than that although there are a few sizes smaller...  It's referred to DOT VL or VH rated hose, or SAE J1403...


Found the hose... just called and they said it will be here Saturday, 11.33 total,cool...https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/gates-3728/belts-hoses-16454/h...

That's great! I didn't think they went up to 15/32"...

It was enough hose to do both of them.The outside diameter was a little bigger but the same size clamps worked.The length of the hose was 36 and 1/4 inch.

That's awesome, and you've probably helped a lot of people who will want to do this in the future.  Thanks for sharing the info.


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