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Hi Ya'll,bad luck again.Got my transmission back in Feb.2017,have a year warranty on it so he is going to fix or replace.I was coming home from work,got close to house,started making noise,knew it was the transmission,pulled up to driveway,pushed in clutch,noise kinda stopped,drove to the carport,driveway is about 300 feet from road,It left a trail of transmission fluid all the way to my carport,it was pouring out of short extension on transmission at the bottom,metal shavings are everywhere,something on the inside must of came loose and put a hole in it.Ronald looked at my 85 Nissan service manual and called the transmission rebuilders in Tallahassee,Fla.The gears were changing good after this happened,nothing is locked up.I took pics of it and went to his shop,truck is still with me.Does anyone know what happened and what needs to be replaced,or do I need a whole new transmission?

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What did you decide to do with your truck? 

Kinda going through the same thing (i.e. transmission trouble) and it made me curious about your issue and what your plan was for it.

Hi Mazda6,sorry for the late answer.I called Ronald today at lunch and he said the Transmission came in today,but the yoke was not in with it.He told me that he was going to talk to them about it tonight so I will call him again tomorrow at lunch.I have a warranty on this so it's not costing any money,my truck is still sitting under my carport.When the yoke comes in,I will call my insurance company and use my road side service to have it towed.I have been waiting on the transmission since I first posted this forum,over a month.My Transmission is trash as you seen the pictures.He owns a transmission shop but only installs them,he use a company in Florida to get the rebuilt ones.As you know,our truck is almost 33 years old and they are hard to find.The guy that put my Jasper engine in over 9 years ago quoted me a price awhile back of 1700.00 for a remanufactured transmission with a 1 year warranty also,was a little higher than Ronalds price back then,wish I would of went with Jacks price.I wouldn't of have this problem.Had no problems with my Jasper engine that Jack installed,he's a pro,but pricey.,have about 62,000 miles on it.He looked at my Nissan FSM manual and said the bearing their went bad that caused it puncture a hole in as you see in the picture's.Came home from work one day,going about 65 and heard a noise,i said to my self,transmission,pushed clutch in,noise went away,was about a mile from house,stopped at mail box and noise got louder,drove to carport,turned engine off,looked under truck and transmission fluid was pouring out of hole with metal shavings everywhere.left a trail from my mailbox to carport,about 300 feet.I will keep you up to date on this night mare.I just recently put a new slave cylinder on it,didn't need one,but the clutch master cylinder went bad,so I had a warranty on slave cylinder and put one on anyway.also put new slave cylinder rubber boot on.

Likely the bearing on the rear end of the counter shaft. See the two gears that are meshed together? Top is 5th main gear, bottom is 5th counter drive gear. Just to the right of it is the rear counter bearing with a nut holding it on.


Thanks,Mike.I talked to Ronald today from the transmission shop,He said for me to get my truck to his shop,he has another transmission but they didn't send a yoke.That's the part that the u-joint(journal) goes in.There are 2 yokes,the flange and the sleeve.He just said yoke,the one that comes from the transmission which I assume it's the Flange one,but he said they cost about 135 bucks but Nissan doesn't have any,does anyone know where I can get a new or used one.When they are bad,it will cause bad vibration.Which will make you think it's the u-joint,had 2 u-joints put on awhile back,but the yoke was the problem.I am assuming that my yoke is not good,cause he had problems with it when he put the last transmission in it.I am going to his shop Friday with my Nissan fsm manual and have him show me which yoke it is,if he has it on his lift then I can see it better from there or crawl under and see it.It's cold and rainy now.He said my drive shaft is good.They are pricey.This is not costing me any money,but I am going to see if it will help and speed things up if I tell him I will pay for another yoke.I have been looking online for one tonight,no luck..My wife also wants her car back...I am having it towed in the morning...

Yay,my truck was towed to the shop.It is raining hard and cold.I don't know his work load but I will call tomorrow and see what is going on and if he is able to get started and if he has looked at it,was going to go by their but I get off work too late.I want to go see the yoke so I will know what he is talking about.I will take some pics of it with my camera.The high temperature tomorrow will be 41,that is cold here in this part of Georgia.

The front end of your old driveshaft is a hollow tube with an internal spline. It slides onto the end on the mainshaft inside the rear transmission case. Your driveshaft will have something like this on the front end...

This is the inside of the transmission with the the front (left) and the rear (right) cases removed. The spline on the right is the mainshaft and the driveshaft just slides onto it. The rear case has a rubber oil seal to keep the oil in. And that's it. I don't know what your mechanic is talking about.

A transmission wouldn't come with a yoke unless he ordered one and it didn't come. I use them to keep dirt out of transmissions I have sitting around.

Yeah,that it mike,he is installing the transmission now,says I need a rear yoke like in the picture,do you know where I can get one.

 Probably off the front of any Datsun /Nissan driveshaft including those with automatics. The only one that won't fit is the 280zx turbo... I think the spline was larger. Any 620 610 710 A10 S10 mid '70s and up 810/Maxima, all 200sx and 240sx with 4 cylinder through mid '80s and D21 Hardbody with 4 cylinder. Oh yeah another 720.

Update on my 85 4x4.Ronald's got the transmission in and drove it and said it needs a new yoke.I am having to pay for it,he said a place here has one for 135 dollars and he is going to look at it.He said that was high,I said get it,he also said there is another place in town that sells yokes,so if the one is not in good shape he said he will have one ordered.I got my fingers crossed,I will call him tomorrow,he said it will only take an hour to take old one out a put new one in.He also said it wasn't the bearing that caused the damage to the other transmission,said something about a screw came loose and caused the hole and the transmission was working good,just had a hole and all the fluid came out,I will find the whole story when I go pick it up,plus I will get another year warranty.I will take pics of the old and new yoke and post them and keep the old one.My Birthday is Monday,would be nice to bring home tomorrow,if not then I will get a brand new yoke which I rather have,would be worth the wait,yoke has been bad for a long time,Way before I brought truck to him.I had 2 u-joints put in it,but didn't know yoke was bad,Ronald drove it in the air and seen it vibrate after I brought to him years ago,was making a noise.

I just posted a picture of my bad yoke,it has grooves in it which was causing vibration and lost of power.Now on the highway it will haul ass.The cause of the hole in the transmission was caused by a loose nut.He showed me the old transmission and how the yoke goes in it,I now have a new yoke,paid 135 dollars for it,transmission was under warranty and got another one.He said the rebuilders of the bad transmission,the nuts on inside were not tighten good.It drives so good now.It was almost 2 months to get fixed,our transmissions are hard to find.Here's the old yoke,check out the grooves in it.

Drove home from work today,now with the new yoke, my top end is super faster and my RPM's go way higher.Ronald know's his shit....





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