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Anyone know which white wire goes on which plug terminal on the 60 amp A/C unit? Got one for free a few years back knowing I'd need it someday but it doesn't have the same plug as my old 50 amp unit. After looking at pictures online it looks like the 60 amp unit should have a little pigtail adapter that mine is missing. Easy enough to make but not sure which wire goes where. The plug on my harness is fat and grey with two parallel terminals, one for a fat white wire for the fusible link, the other is the small white and blue signal wire. The plug on the alternator is a small "T" style plug with the terminals perpendicular, one top and one bottom. I hooked it up both ways and it seems to charge fine either way. I only ran it for a few minutes but no fuses blew and everything seems to be working, volt meter shows between 13 and 15 volts depending on rpm both ways. Anyone know, or if you have an AC truck can you take a picture of the back of your alternator wiring for me? Thanks all

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Hi Joe,I bought a 60 amp alternator from Oreilly's ,the pigtail fit like oem,I can look at the wiring and see what goes where if you want me too,I am at work right now,I get off at 4 pm eastern time.I will take a picture and send it if no one does it before I get off work.

That'd be great Tommy, thanks.

Joe,I just went out on my lunch break and on my alternator,it has a connector at alternator,blue wire at top,red wire at bottom,which goes to a connector that goes into the big gray pig tail,the fat white wire(fusible link) lines up with the blue wire and the red wire lines up with the skinny white wire with blue stripe,tried to take pic with my phone,no luck,but I will take one with my camera to show you if this doesn't help.Also have a black wire ,must be ground.My Alternator came with the connector with blue and red wires,will only go into pigtail one way,also sorry about my past,please forgive me.

That'll work. Strange that it seems to work the same either way, but it gives me piece of mind knowing its hooked up the way it's intended. Thanks for taking the time. No problem, all good.
Also having some drama wiring thr alternator. I have a fat white wire and a black skinnier wire not sure what part of the alternator to connect to. The harness is connected correctly, only removed a few wires to pull motor out. Its an 85 diesel
I'm pretty sure the diesel uses a different one. Harness is probably different too, not sure. Maybe another diesel guy will chime in here. Pictures might help
I just wired a ka into my 720. The top of the T is skinny and the vertical part is the fat wire. Charging fine.

thanks guys. I sorted it out. Ended up eyeballing it from a td42 gq patrol which i thought would be similar. havent had any dramas with charge since. Thanks guys :)





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