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so its always been in the back of my head what would happen if i put an automatic transmission in my truck, i have never seen a 720 4x4 that came with an automatic. has anyone tried this?? can nissan transmissions handle the abuse of 33's also lol. im just guessing it would need a stubby drive line to make it fit. i do prefer driving a stick shift but just want to hear peoples input on this.

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The automatic is about the same length as the long 5 speed about 31.5" so getting a drive shaft the correct length is no problem. The tranny mount for the 5 speed or auto is likely the same or maybe turn it front to back or something. Gear shift should fit as there were 720s with auto floor shift. You will need a transmission cooler and the flex plate with the crank spacer plates to sandwich it. 

i have thought about this myself.... including 33s... my reason was for snow wheeling... I droped the idea when i drove a 2wd automatic 720.... they are slushy and slow. I dont think it can handle the weight of a 4x4 or the big tires.

Automatics are tougher than they look. People see them as weak because they are slushy, slow or boring but actually they are reliable and strong and very hard to abuse because they are constantly in gear... no clutch dumps at high RPMs. Because they rely on hydraulic oil pressure to remain in gear you would have to solve the problem of transmission fluid sloshing over to the sides on steep grades and side slopes and uncovering the oil sump. I did have an automatic Bronco and it worked just fine so it's do able.

i had an automatic toyota pickup and many other cars with automatics that i liked.... but the nissan autos seem really lazy to me... i think it would be an easy kill

I think the big problem here with nissan automatics in general is that the shift points don't match the peak hp pf the motor at full throttle, so it seems to bog the motor since you aren't using the full potential of the motor.  I saw a writeup on the first automatic Z car and this was their principal concern.  I have also owned and driven several nissan cars ranging from 1972-1998 and noticed that the auto-boxes generally shift up too fast.  Ironically the one that shifted in a way that matched the motor and felt "good" was in a 1980 720.  

Mike is right about the auto trans being well built.  Somebody actually compared the internals to a Ford C4 trans, which was actually pretty good.

TTR has one in his race 720, ask him how it has worked out.

You want a tough auto, get the 3N71B  used in the 280zx turbo. It has a 2,400-2,700 stall TC, extra plates and clutches, larger brake bands and a modified vacuum diaphragm #31931-X0105

thanks for the great replys this might be something fun to do down the road i do know where to get a 2wd automatic 720 for free well its pretty much mine but there are two semi trucks blocking it in at the shop i used to work at lol. do you guys think the truck would get to speed slower with an automatic? or just be slower in general? faster???

slow as hell.... painful from a stop sign, easy to drink coffee in traffic

Lol!!! another thing to note would be its drivable for the wife she hates stick shift.

Meh.... I am happy my wife can't drive stick... It keeps my truck mine, plus I bought her, her own car so I can have fun with my datsun n not worry bout it ever being too much for her daily driver tastes.

Yeah that would suck having my wife drive my truck, but kinda hot though... haha. I dont suppose nissan has any performance stuff for their 720 trans either





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