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Hi Ya'll,my 720 was running bad,was idling up and down,kept wondering what it was,spark plugs were changed,plug wires were not that old,Weber was fairly new,all vacuum lines were good.I use a 160 degree thermostat so the engine stays cooler.So I was messing on line and checked a site about ignition coils about the exhaust and intake coil wiring,so it made me go look to see if my coils were going to the distributor in the right order.So I took both cables off the coils and discovered that one,was corroded, which was the exhaust coil and I had them going to the wrong place on the distributor,I replaced both coils about 8 years ago,the exhaust one got burnt,the cable going to it was swollen and the exhaust plugs were burnt,I changed them along with the distributor cap and rotor and checked  them and they were both bad,the distributor had burnt marks on them.It made my gas mileage go from 20 mpg to 15 mpg.Now it idles great and I filled the gas tank up and will check how it is doing when I fill up again.Here are some pictures of my project.This is my second set of coils in 23 since I had her.I also had a problem in the morning when I went to start it,took longer than normal to crank,only happened in the morning,cranked fine when I got off work.so everyone.go check your coils.When replacing,replace both,the one with the red wire closest to the front is the exhaust coil.

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Both coisd fire together so swapping the wires won't really do anything. Put some dielectric grease on the new wires before inserting into the coil and they won't rust.

Thanks Mike...





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