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From 17 to 25 years of age my friend and i built some badass cars, 4x4s, muscle cars, sports cars etc... over time we sold most of them off, totaled some, took some apart with big ideas to make them better but never finished them. But a few we kept.

 As we got older and responsibilities took over, homes, families , jobs became priority the cars were pushed aside.

 When I moved to San Francisco I sold off all my collection because I had no place for everything. I kept my brown 720 4x4 you all know about, and I kept my 60,000 original miles  monte carlo.

 My friend lost interest in his toys and parked his heavily modified nut and bolt restoration 73 240z. along with his vortec 4.3 720...


 10 years later (today) we visited our basically abandoned cars to get a game plan to re-restore these cars. The 720 is too far gone and will be written off for parts

Get ready to cry

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Look's like a bunch of junk,lol...

Monte looks like a 70-72? Never seen one with that oval window though. Factory SS?

its a 72. The oval window was a California option.... I hate the oval window. I restored the car in 2001 and next time around I will remove the vinyl top and oval window.

72 was the only year the SS was not available on a monte. when I added the SS wheels a co-worker added the SS emblems as a joke... unfortunately the emblems damaged the paint so I had to keep them on.. I kinda got used to it.

The SS was dropped in '72 and not appear again until '83

Check out this Dale Earnhardt Monte Carlo,Almost bought one,brother had one similar,was slow.Cost around 29 grand.These cars were never muscle cars.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGpT6swy_pM

I never liked those monte carlos, the last generations were tacky with Tupperware interior... that's just my opinion though

when I was selling my cars it was a tough choice to make, I had to choose between my monte or my 72 chevy shortbed 4x4 with factory A/C and bucket seats, it was a frame up restoration.... looking back if I knew that they would go up in value by 500% in the last 10 years I would have kept it instead

Yeah,my brother put a ton of money in his,your year is better,they let them go to the pits.

Yep those "barn finds" can be brutal. I have had my 720 since 88 and has always been on the road. I had a burr up my ass for a beetle and since I was up in the northeast I bought a "barn find" 68 that hadn't seen the road in 25 years. It took 7 years and silly money doing all the work myself from mechanical to paint. But I drive the shit out of it now with a chronic shit eating grin on my face.

Parting out the 720? Are you still in California? I'm looking for a few parts.  Sent ya friend request to send you list.

hey lance,

 I sent you a PM.

 Chances are I will end up with the truck, but it will be a long time from now. No parts will be coming off it anytime soon but I do have tons and tons of other 720 parts or connections to get parts. Best thing you can do is post in the WANTED section and we can all see what you are looking for.

Love that 240Z, such great cars.    The styling, performance, it's a car I still long to have one day but as time goes by they get rarer in nice shape and worth more money.

hard to believe it was a bare shell restoration. I hope a good scrubbing will fix most of it up.





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