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hey everyone im looking for a swap equal to somewhat of a wierd one. i really need to get more power out of my truck for freeway/roadway driving aswell as stay fuel efficent of itleast 20mpg overall i was wondering if an rb26dett is too much or to little or what but i need to be able to pick up speed faster aswell as be able to do itleast 120mph. so please discuss and lmk what the best choice in a sawp would be. i currently drive about 200miles a day so keep that into account.

Currently has a stock z24 but unsure if it is a z24i or what.

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Ha hahahah Must get 20mpg but capable of 120. If you could afford an RB26DETT and transmission plus all the custom one off parts to fit it, plus wiring it to EFI.... why you worried about 20 MPG?????

I can't think of any engine that can do both. KA24E or DE might get 20 but not 120.

i need 20mpg for the job i work, i drive around 100-200 miles a day as a security guard.

A swap is a major project because the truck wasn't designed for the new engine. It takes lots of fabrication, welding, finding odd parts and then there is the wiring. Adding major power has a habit of destroying the running gear downstream of the swap because they were not designed for the added horsepower. These were designed as efficient light duty trucks, not high speed performers. They also aren't very safe, no side beams in doors or airbags of modern vehicles. There is also lots of "Bugs" to be worked out after a swap, not what you are looking for in a daily driver. A weekend toy and cruise vehicle go nuts! Swap whatever you want. A Toyota Corrolla is boring, but for a 200 mile commute probably the most efficient and reliable. Sucks to spend most of your paycheck at the gas pump. Good luck.

yea but i have most the equip, only lacking a tig and motor puller other than that i have a motor stand and all 3 other welders. im starting to notice the bugs currently with the car as is so im pretty into doing this, i just got a spair vehical for when my 720 is down and off the road witch will be replacing it tell i have everything done...

If you don't have a smog test their,cut the cat off and install a Weber,I have a 4x4 and I get 20 mpg.Mine will do a 100,you don't need a swap,also if your money is right,get a jasper 2.4 engine,I have mine now for over 6 years and 51,000 miles and a re manufactured transmission installed at the same time with the Weber.Install new coils,new distributor cap and rotor,Ngk spark plugs and Ngk wires.

Then the KA 24E would be the easiest to get you where you want to go. It is well documented on here by Patrick. Basically you want the truck block 1990-1997 and will need the 240sx intake, harness and ECM. I am planning on doing this swap myself and finally have all the parts, just need the time. This has ended up very expensive because I have been buying the parts piece by piece online and here and there off craigslist. If you can find a complete parts car and can grab everything at once it will save a lot of headaches. I paid $300 for a whole 240 engine just to get the intake set up and what turned out to be an incomplete engine harness. Maf separate, cold air kit because original stock was missing KA 24E longblock, Speed sensor, ECM, Another harness from another car and a Relay box from Ratsun. Still need to modify the Oil pan, engine mounts, and power steering bracket. These engines can also be easily turboed from kits so plenty of power available if you want turbo.

well, I always believe that when someone asks basic questions they need to stay with a basic swap.

 Luckily the ka is a great swap and basic too.


 You dont need TIG for an engine swap.  Just for worthless trivia... there is no allowed TIG weld repairs permitted on the structure of a steel car

My bug has nearly two spools of MIG wire holding it together. I am glad to know I am legal.


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