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Blown head gasket.... WHICH gasket to buy as replacement?

Well, after 32 years on the original engine, the head gasket blew between cylinders 3 and 4 causing loud knocking under load.  I nursed it home using high rpm/low torque to not put any stress on the engine, which worked well.

You know, this truck has NEVER, not one single time, left me stranded in all those years.  This was no exception.  It got me home.

Anyway, time to finally change the gasket.  This engine was NEVER overheated or ran hot.  So it's probably fine.  Yes, I may have been remiss on re-tightening the head bolts lately. 

I did look but can't find the discussion on what head gasket to get for my Z24.  I "think" it was mentioned to only use Nissan original but I wanted to float the question again regardless.

Also..... while I have a wedge in there and the head off, would it make any sense to put in head studs instead?  And does anyone make them?


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Here's a head onEbay...

Well that’s one way to save 50$ . Not sure I would try that with my L head on my Z though. 

Just make sure it's for a Z24 and has 89mm bore holes. Less and the fire rings will be exposed to the hot combustion gasses and will erode or glow hot and become a pre ignition source. Nissan gaskets are easily 3X what NAPA sells them for. I've used FelPro and they are fine. The Z24 isn't a high compression racing engine. The trick is to re-torque the bolts every year to keep the gasket clamped properly.





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