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I guess I can start this little rant with the back story first...well I got bored!
So my engine decided it no longer needed any upper compression rings, started noticing a mid-fire in one cylinder...long story short, rebuild is underway, truck is immobile...block, rods, crank and head are at the machine shop so I have really nothing to do. Well I got bored and decided I would try and figure out the cause of the creaking and moaning that has become ever so predominant while driving...found some fun things...1st picture is passenger side forward can mount, 2nd is passenger side rear can mount, and third is driverside forward can mount...

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Okay so it looks as though the only picture that loaded was of the front driverside cab mount...I'll upload the others. Phone is being stupid. But I am now in the process of removing my body lift (3") and putting it back to stock, glad my best friend is a fabrication and welding instructor, seems as though I've got my work cut out for me...well it looks like my phone is not wanting to let me upload the pictures, so that'll have to wait until I get home from work. But anywho, has anyone ran into similar issues with their trucks, and how difficult was the repairs? I am kind of nervous/excited about fixing this, hoping it doesn't give me too much of a headache, but we shall see. I will be taking lots of pictures and uploading them for everyone. But in the meantime any input or advise is always welcome...





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