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Hey everyone

I'm having an issue with my 1985 720 KC. When I am driving and the RPMs go past 2800-3k the truck starts "sputtering" and has no power. It revs fine when in neutral or clutch pressed in but under load it does it. I've sprayed out the primary and secondary jets but still does it. Has anybody had a similar issue? How did you fix it? Any help is appreciated

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Fuel filter on frame by the pump. Buy two they are cheap and keep the spare in the glove box.

Clogged cat?

 Set valve lash?

Ignition wires/cap/rotor?

I replaced fuel filter, sprayed out jets, took out anti-diesel solenoid and idle mixture screw (at same time) and sprayed carb cleaner from the anti-diesel solenoid out the mixture screw, also adjusted float bowl level, as well as ran a tank of Tech-ron Complete Fuel System Cleaner. Not sure which fixed the issue but it runs much better and also doesn't stall at idle (which it was doing BTW)

Idle has it's own circuit separate from everything. If it won't idle the problem is probably blockage at the solenoid down to the idle mix screw. The Z24 carbs are set for mixture and sealed at the factory. I just pull that plug out.

Correct I cleaned out the idle mixture circuit and it that seemed to fix the stalling issue


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