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Well, my plastic brake switch bump stop crumbled last night. Good thing my neighbor saw the tails on and let me know.

Anyone know where to get a proper fit replacement for this little plug that my nissan dealer DOESN'T have?

I really don't want to stick a bolt in there.

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 HAHA just kidding.


 I doubt i have one but i will check

Yeah, rare as hen's teeth. Had I been smarter, I would have taken the original and had them reproduced.

you talking about the little dime sized black absorber?

 Damn you are one for the details!


 I suggest home depot, jb weld a dime in its place?


Sorry im just adding humor.

Yep, it's all in the details....

 came on   Nissan parts   guys  they  are lazies  to look for parts  on old  cars  here  Sunnyvale  Nissan  in nor cal  they always find most  parts for me , do this  this is  the phone  # 408 736  88 61 ask  for  tony   he is the man for  720 needs  ask him for  part  number  and then you  call  your  local dealer on LA  easy .

I'll give that a try, thanks!

i got a feeling its only sold with the pedal assembly

After much rummaging in the garage, I came across a rubber plug that looked like it could have been made for the job. Took a little soap to get the stopper part into the hole, but once it popped in there, looks like it could be factory. I think I'll try to find out where this part came from, as it looks like a better solution, actually.

Talk about dumb luck...

#46512-H0101 at dealer about $1. It is the rubber stopper. Used on all previous 520/521/620 trucks and later Sentra/Pulsar/300zx/D21/200sx/Maxima/Pathfinder/Altima... list is endless. Pretty much any '84 and up standard Nissan will have one at a junk yard.

Dude, you ROCK!!  Bought a couple!

The junkyard one's crumble after a short while, tried that already... LOL!


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