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Hi Ya'll,I need some help.My Blower motor stopped working,I checked the fuse and it didn't blow the fuse,it melted the  fuse side where the red wire is connected to it.I removed both screws holding the fuse box to the passenger side wall,and looked on the back side of the fuse box,looks like the red wire is fried.So it looks as I need to remove the red wire and cut the bad out of it and reconnect it.Is there a way I can get the fitting out that the red wire is connected to.Look's like where the other side of the fuse is connected to a white wire which  may be connected to another fuse.If anyone can help,I sure would appreciate it.I also have one of those fuse holders with a wire on each side but rather remove the burnt red wire and insert a new red wire in it's place.

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This was caused likely by light corrosion and the resistance to current flow heated it up and melted the plastic. I've had this happen Tommy on my headlight fuse and the heat takes the temper out of the part that grips the fuse contacts. Then the headlight would randomly shut off. I would reach down and rub my fingers over the fuses to get them on and burn my finger. The cure was getting another fuse box and carefully swapping all the wires. The burned one I had to splice into the harness. You might be able to solder in an external fuse.... it's only the heater.

Thanks mike.


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