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We are a community of owners who have existed in one form or another for over 13 years.  As such, our numbers are spread across much of the United States and Canada as well as Mexico and Australia. Other places are represented as well.  We thank you members for your support.

This year, as you find out about Datsun/Nissan themed events, please post about them here for the benefit of all those who may attend.  There are many well built 720 trucks out there and people are now beginning to notice them as being "classics"  We all know many of you daily-drive your vehicles, and might not think of them as special or even show-worthy, but well-built examples of these trucks are notable and can be seen at car-meets.

So, maybe you might not take your 720 to a car show, but if you don't share what you know about somebody else who would like to might never know.  

Lets get the word out that the 720 trucks are still alive and won't die!

Patrick Smith

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