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can anybody tell me how difficult it would be to go from a carb to fuel injection on a z22 motor in a 1982 datscun 720 4x4? any help is greatly appreciated

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The later Z24 had throttle body injection.

The Z20E in the '80-'81 and the Z22E in the '82-'83 S110 had multi-port injection.

could you run a z24 throttle body injection on a z22?

has anybody ever heard of using a L head on a z22 block with a z24 fuel injection set-up?

L head on a Z22? Yes but only where the block has been tilted to the right 12 degrees to put it in the same position as an L series motor. If you put an L head on a Z series block it will be tilted down slightly towards the steering column. Might not clear the Brake booster.

As to EFI the Z24 system is set for use with an 11% larger displacement. I doubt the factory built in setting and fuel map could compensate for the smaller LZ22. You would also have to plumb in an oxygen sensor.


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