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Combination switch(turn signals)'85 w/o cruise/intermittents

Turn signals didn't want to work today. Will if I jiggle the lever and hold my mouth just right. Trying to get contact spray to the contacts and can't tell exactly where they are without totally removing it. Got cowl and lil black cover off. Ones I see look to be for lights as they don't appear to move when lever moves up/down. Anybody know of any pic posts of it?

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Did you check the hazard switch first?  This is the popular trouble maker on 720 trucks.  Move it back and forth a few times and then push it back just a little bit toward the hazard position and see if your blinkers magically work again.

Usually they do.

That's the 1st thing I did Marc & they're good.

Bummer....  I'm often amazed just how long all these things lasted on the 720's, but it looks like the switch then.  You probably CAN take it apart to properly clean the contacts.  I recommend a diamond point file on them.  It's awful rare that the contacts are wasted, just dirty.

Was hoping there were pics posted. I know where the wires plug on just don't know if it'll fly apart if I loosen it or where to punch a "no damage" hole to douche out.

As far as I know, no one has bothered to take pics of that before.  I somehow doubt that hosing it out is enough.  You probably have to file the points and use fresh grease in the switch.  THe grease hardens and causes problems as well.  Usually bad when cold, ok here in Los Angeles.

Finally got tired of holding lever down for L turn signal and tore it down.

Was in sad condition, used brass brush and contact gleaner with good results. Greased with dielectric grease and reassembled.

The spring between the sliders will go flying so be prepared. I put rag over it before pulling apart. I melted a hole in housing for small nail to hold spring in place to reassemble.

Also douched the 4 way switch with contact cleaner and pumped it full of dielectric grease. Wish it were assembled with screws instead of the crimps, was afraid to try it, but seems good for now.

Learned the power and non housings won't interchange, power column is bigger. If this switch doesn't hold up I'm gonna fab a bushing or swap parts which do interchange.



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