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Hey y'all, figured I'd throw this out here and see if I could get any leads. 85 720 King Cab 4x4 with carb Z24, 5-speed manual. Engine and carb were rebuilt around three years ago by previous owner.

When driving in any gear, if you give it a good amount of gas on an incline or floor it while flat, you'll get varying amounts of knocking/pinging/detonating/static, whatever you want to call it, coming from up front. Only happens when giving it gas. Sometimes it doesn't do it at all, but if you're in 5th gear on a slight incline at 2400-3000 RPM, it is pretty bad. It will disappear once you hit a certain RPM, around 3200-3400 I'd say.

I've done standard tune-up stuff, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, all good. I've read up a bit on detonation. Could be timing, compression, or something as simple as the gas, plugs, or lugging the motor.

Any tips would be great!

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Try using 93 octane gas,I use it or mine will ping.


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