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Any advice on these?

My "new" '83 KK sat too long, float was glued down. Unstuck it, rigged mower tank to hang under hood, ran on acetone awhile, still only runs if primary is near total choked, choke plate wont keep it running.

Only thing wrong with these I see is sight glass and I've got them


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Well ya gits what ya pays fer it. $72? is so cheap there's really nothing to loose if you throw it away in a month.

 Sounds like the gas evaporated leaving a varnish coating on everything. I just rebuilt my Z24 carb for a project I'm working on. Mostly there is nothing to wear out other than the accelerator pump and a rebuild is really cleaning and adjusting it. It's not at all hard just tedious. A few tools, space, a camera, paper towels and some carb cleaner in a can with a straw. 

Was hoping the acetone would clear the varnish. Yep, I got Berryman 5 gal, rebuilt many. Cheapest kit I found was $28, don't have secondary diaphragm, decided to try the el cheapo. I'll report back on my experience.

Got it today, see couple cheap-outs, nothing major. Anybody got PN for base gaskets?

I just make my own. Gasket 'paper' is cheap or use a Cheerios box. Dollar store round hole punch, scissors, pen.

Outline on ball point, trim with scissors, hole punch around the bolt holes and hole punch enough to get the scissors inside the barrel holes and trim to size. I have a Cheerios box gasket for my oil pump, water pump and thermostat housing and thermostat cover.

Oil Pump

Thinner paper was used, this was just to try it. 

What I'll prob do.

Gaskets respectable, any idea what the set screw/lock nut's for?


That's the BCDD mixture adjusting screw. 

The '83 factory carb had vac hose to BCCD. What's adj. on this?

What's the setting on it Mike?


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