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1984- Coming off the freeway to a Stop and the engine Dies. Will sit at idle just fine. Any ideas?

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Does it restart easily?

Do you have a 6 pin electrical connector at the back of the carb or 2 pin?

No it does not.

Well, have to start somewhere...

1/ listen near the carburetor and have someone turn the ignition key to ON then OFF, ON, OFF. You should hear a soft clicking sound from the carb... yes? no?

2/ Next time it stalls, look at the round sight glass on the front of the carb. Is the fuel level with the dot in the center? Is it over filled? not showing?

3/ Cary a spare plug with you. Pull one of the intake plug wires off, put the spare plug in the end and lay on a grounded surface. Turn engine with starter. Got spark??? Try one of the exhaust plug wires

It looks like 6 wires leading to the back of the carb from a round connector held by a double clip mount not including the ground wires that connect to the passenger side just below the carb. Wish I could add a photo here.





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