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1984- Coming off the freeway to a Stop and the engine Dies. Will sit at idle just fine. Any ideas?

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Does it restart easily?

Do you have a 6 pin electrical connector at the back of the carb or 2 pin?

No it does not.

Well, have to start somewhere...

1/ listen near the carburetor and have someone turn the ignition key to ON then OFF, ON, OFF. You should hear a soft clicking sound from the carb... yes? no?

2/ Next time it stalls, look at the round sight glass on the front of the carb. Is the fuel level with the dot in the center? Is it over filled? not showing?

3/ Cary a spare plug with you. Pull one of the intake plug wires off, put the spare plug in the end and lay on a grounded surface. Turn engine with starter. Got spark??? Try one of the exhaust plug wires

It looks like 6 wires leading to the back of the carb from a round connector held by a double clip mount not including the ground wires that connect to the passenger side just below the carb. Wish I could add a photo here.

I've had 5 of these trucks, love them and learned a lot. The one I kept, my daily driver, I had it stall here and there and finally I did the right thing. I installed a small commercial grade Vacuum gauge, mounted it on the right side of my center console and ran a Vac hose to the intake on the main tee. About 2 years ago I was way up north in Quebec, spring time, and was riding up the main logging road (dirt) at a about 50 mph and went over some rough ridges in the dirt road, really shook up the truck, and it died right there. It started back up and I got to the camp. Later I went really deep into nowhere land and on the way back deep in the forest on really small trail, it died once more. I restarted it, and watched my vacuum, I could see it hold then slowly drop until it stalled. Usually when the truck is warm I have about 23-24 inches of vacuum. These trucks have a knack for cooking vacuum lines, so I keep about 10 feet of various sizes with me along with a big vacuum cap kit, and I make sure to keep my cap kit stocked up. I found a vacuum cap that had dried up, and only the very top of it, (imagine a "top lid") had a crack around it, so sometimes it would lay down and stay, and if I hit some bumps it would go up and leak. I actually could not really see it, but when I pulled on it, the top of that little cap just came right off. So I put on two caps, a small one, and a bigger one over it. Then since I was there I changed a few vacuum lines near it. I've changed many a vacuum line on my Datsuns, like I stated before, have some spare line with you, and a cap kit if you've removed any devices as I have. The other problem I've had with stalling is a fuel filter that is about ready to give up, almost plugged. I keep those with me too, matter of fact I put in some longer fuel lines so I can just reach under the rear quarter, grab the filter off the clip, and change the filter without having to lay on the ground, lines long enough so the filter is outside the panel, 5 minutes or less to change. One more issue, check the bolts that hold the carburetor, and the gaskets under it, all of them. One more item, there is a fuel shutoff solenoid on the carburetor, when you cut the ignition, that solenoid closes and also when there is high vacuum to save on gas, could it be possible that the wiring is faulty? bad connection? I took the needle out of mine and cut that wire. There is also a Vacuum "Coasting" valve on the intake, its right under the filter housing, its actuated in a high vacuum condition, like when you're decelerating, it senses vacuum and opens to make sure the intake vacuum doesn't get too high preventing oil getting pulled by the rings, and also lets you coast more easily, it dumps air right into the intake, bypassing the carburetor. I had to change mine, it was leaking, that valve could be failing.  The vacuum gauge was the best idea I've had with this old truck, I've learned to use it for troubleshooting. Ask any Old Mechanic, that's how they did it in the old days. DattsunAl

Is this still an ongoing issue or is this discussion done?

Not sure, haven't heard any more on it.


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