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I am working on trying to get my SD 22 running again in my new project.  Could someone remind me or show me a picture where the vacuum lines run for the engine?  Also where does the line run to that comes off the back of the alternator.  I got the engine running but it is smoking terrible.   Maybe I hooked one of the lines up in the wrong spot by mistake.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Well, there really isn't a vacuum diagram for a SD22. The vacuum pump really only supplies the brake booster. But the alternator stud, two white wires go through a fusible link to the positive battery terminal and goes on from there to the fuse panel. From the alternator plug, the white wire attaches to the other white wires (sense), the white/black wire (this is the field windings of the alternator) goes to the resistor module, then to the alternator light in the dash cluster.
I'll pop my 82 720 hood and look at the lines from the pump saturday and post.
Thanks dn, I would really appreciate it. Have a good weekend.
I might be wrong but I thought the only thing between the vacuum pump and the brake booster is a check valve on the SD22. The SD25 cali models had an EGR sytem which required some extra plumbing not unlike a gas engine's EGR system except for a vacuum booster. But excessive smoking generally means one thing, not enough oxygen to burn all the fuel, which in turn means, either you've got too much fuel, or too little air. Something as simple as a clogged air filter can make a diesel smoke badly.
My vacuum hose starts at the pump, has a T in the line before being attached to the brake booster. At the T a small hose travels to a small ?? on the firewall between the hood hinge and the brake control.
( The small hose coming off the ?? is plugged. Do not know why. )

There is also a short hose below the vacuum on the pump that attaches into the side of the block.

I hope that helps.
Ya, thanks for all the replies. I think I got it all figured out now. Just have to go give it a try. Thanks again for the help!
do you have the EGR valve? my 81 does not have the EGR so i do not have any vac lines hooked up
i do have a line from back of pump to the throttle body and one that goes to the air cleaner.
is the smoke black or white? I have white smoke when i first fire up in the AM as soon as it worms up goes away.
No, I do not have an EGR valve. I know what I did wrong, and I hate to say it because I feel dumb about it. I accidentally hooked up the line that is supposed to go to the air filter to the back of the alternator. That made the ol girl smoke black as coal. I was too excited to get her running to notice which line I had and where it was supposed to go! Oh well.

My next step is to figure out a fuel tank for the truck. Thanks for your help. Take Care,
do you not have a tank?
on my 4X4 that i am putting together i used the stock gas tank and put a screen filter before the pump so i could see if fuel was good or dirty it is working just fine.I know another person that did the same thing and has been using it for at least 3 years with no trouble.
i have to update my listing under the diesel forum some day i want to add pictures i did an SAS on it still not done need front drive line and change the gear in the rear to 4.11 from 4.37 i have 4.11 in the front.i have a 2WD diesel gas tank for sale if you want it(only about 10 gals).were are you at?I am in Vancouver Washington
Ya I have the stock gas tank and the original diesel tank. I can use either if I decide. I was just thinking about a fuel cell or something like that. Here is my project. Look at this link.
you have the hard body with the trans and transfer case as a set.
i am doing it on the 81 that has the front drive line in the center and a small drive line between the trans and transfer case.I am not a wilder(yet)so i have to have some other friends help me get thing wielded up.i used an axle fron 81 CJ jeep 4.11 gears
that looks real good
Thanks. Looks like you are making progress. I got the radiator mounted the other weekend and now have to run fuel lines. Then I will mount the rear axle and make drive lines and be about ready to wheel.


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