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I am working on trying to get my SD 22 running again in my new project.  Could someone remind me or show me a picture where the vacuum lines run for the engine?  Also where does the line run to that comes off the back of the alternator.  I got the engine running but it is smoking terrible.   Maybe I hooked one of the lines up in the wrong spot by mistake.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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mine is running at this time no front drive line have 4.11 in front and 4.37 in the rear i have a 4.11 to roll under the truck but it is getting close to hunting so i will uses my other 4X4 for hunting this year.
i will be putting a flat bed on this one also a lot of work to do yet i drive it every day to work.
what gear and size tire are you using?
is this to use on the street?
I believe my gears are 3.93 or 4.11 not for sure though. As of now I do not have a title for the pickup so it will be offroad. Would like to get a builders title so I could drive it on the road. I plan to run 33-35" tires.
The top port is the vaccum to the booster, the middle is the port from the engine oil, and the bottom is the drain to the oil pan.......






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