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Hey y'all, looking at replacing my factory Z24 carb. It'd giving me idling issues again. I like the looks of the Weber 32/26. Where is the best place to buy an authentic Weber?

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Here's a site for a new Weber.Also get a idle cut off solenoid and change your filter by the fuel pump.Also change all your fuel lines at fuel pump,and use new clamps.https://www.ebay.com/itm/Weber-Carb-Conversion-fits-Nissan-Pickup-8......Here's the solenoid..https://www.ebay.com/itm/Empi-43-5350-Idle-Cut-Off-Solenoid-Weber-C....I use this solenoid,The Weber brand wouldn't work..

Pierce Manifolds... https://www.piercemanifolds.com/category_s/453.htm  ... only place I know you get a  genuine Weber and not a knock off from China or Korea. Even e-bay can be fooled by counterfeits.

Mike,What's up,Ebay is cool with me,been buying stuff from them since the internet opened up to us.Got my genuine Weber from them.I had a North American Weber put on my 85 Nissan long ago,you can see my video and picture from my page,they came with the black choke,my new one came with a white choke,the site you showed shows the black choke.,hmmm,but anyway,Weber owned North American Weber,but they no longer sell them,I even called them back in the day,the idle cut off solenoid came on them.I also bought a new idle cut off solenoid from Weber and it wouldn't work,still new,wanna buy it,but anyway,I took the idle cut off solenoid off the North American Weber and it worked,not long ago,I put new gaskets on it.Corey seen my North American Weber years ago and mentioned that it was wired wrong,think you made a comment too.It had a sticker which means it was not the real deal.The red wire goes to the idle cut off solenoid and blue goes to the choke,to see if idle cut off solenoid is working,just remove wiring from it as it is running and it will stall.I also use the North American Weber linkage on my Ebay Weber you say is a imposter,lol.I also use NGK Iridum sparks which are way better than them cheap NGK ones.I stay away from sites like you suggested.The one showing don't look real to me.It has a black choke.Plus you have to pay shipping and Ebay guarantee's it.Plus free shipping.Check out both carbs that are stacked together,a redline one with the white choke and the North American one with the black choke.The black choke one has a sticker on it which means it not the real deal one from Spain

Weber has long been acknowledged as the manufacturer of the best carburetors available....ANYWHERE.  Legendary marques like Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati have been closely linked with the products of the equally legendary Edorado Weber S.P.A. of more than 50 years.  While various producers of racing and high performance induction systems have moved in and out of the limelight over many decades, Weber alone maintains its worldwide superiority. The foundation of Weber's supremacy is no mystery.  It's nothing more than the traditional virtues of careful design, meticulous manufacturing standards and uncompromising quality control, coupled with that unique Italian attribute of elegance in design. Do not confuse this with WeberNorthAmerica - not the same company. Weber North America brands various carburetors as "WEBER's" under a licensing agreement but they are NOT the legendary Italian designed and European built WEBER. REDLINE uses exclusively the European WEBER carburetors in their conversions. The Original Italian Engineered and designed 32/36 DGEV series WEBER carb is often copied, sometimes licensed - but there is only one original. The price of perfection is being admired to the point of being copied (EMPI branded carbs) or creating the illusion of being a DGEV when you are not. Get the perfect carb for your conversion - a 32/36 DGEV from Redline. Sometimes it is tough to improve on the original - and the 32/36 DGEV was the first and is still the benchmark by which all 2 bbl carburetor conversions are measured.Also look how many were sold from this site,this is where I got mine.https://www.ebay.com/itm/Weber-Carb-Conversion-fits-Nissan-Pickup-8...


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