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Black 4x4 front bumpers. Are they the same thickness as the chrome 2wd ones??????

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I think the factory ones are. I've pulled a few a wrecking yards and didn't notice a difference. I do know that the aftermarket one I bought for my old 85 back in 1997 was paper thin compared to the factory one.

Tks Tommy

Back in 95,a Deer slammed into my front end,did 3400.000 in damaged,insurance company ask me if it was okay to put a aftermarket front bumper on,they said they couldn't get a oem one,said it had a lifetime warranty versus a year from oem,it is a great part,thick like original and have no issues.My whole front end has new body parts put in back then,cowl,hood,both fenders,piece under bumper,door hinges, both front fender flares, both horns,rubber piece around windshield is also new.The truck that look's new but is nearing 30 years old.I still have the estimate and parts  list that they put on.

they are the same...

 the bumper on my truck is a chrome 2wd... hammered back to shape.. coated in bondo and texture black bumpercoating.

 Hey its all I had at the time :)

Hey, that pretty clever!!

The new chrome bumper i put on front of my truck is paper thin, so while i consider it just for looks, it does look good.  





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