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'80 720 4X4:

So I had a hole in a CV boot on my driver's side and just happened to have an old (new) pair of CV boots and decided that I would pull the axle off and replace them. I thought this would take an hour tops. After getting the axle on the workbench, I realized I would have to disassemble the thing to get old boots off and slip new ones on. I thought I would just have to remove a snap ring or something. The inner part of the joint (sorry I don't know the terminology) is actually pressed and swedged onto the shaft. Being a little upset with myself for taking something apart that I now might not be able to put together, I decided to try and get a whole new axle and found out none of the parts places in town are able to get one. With the help of some mechanic friends, we used a puller to take the bearing assembly off of the shaft, replaced the boots, put it back on and re-swedged the shaft. I'm hoping this will hold and not lead to some sort of catastrophic failure when I'm driving down the road........any thoughts or suggestions?

Does anyone know where remanufactured half axles for this truck can be found? My passenger side boots are starting to show some cracks....... Or, was what I did with the driver's side legit? How about the two piece CV boot kits, are they any good?



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You did the right thing. New ones are NLA or $$$ if they are. Two part boots are less than optimal as any leaks and dirt and water get in and you'll be re-reading sentence two.
I agree. I used two part boots to get me by but they only last 6 to 8 months before completely coming apart and having to be redone yet again, they are a good "get you by for now" kind of item until you can do it right to protect the joint but otherwise just fix it right and it will serve you for years to come.

I recently rebuilt my whole front suspension and just replaced everything in sight with new so I wouldn't have to go back in a couple months down the road...needless to say it's an ongoing project with an actual end in sight thankfully.

good luck.
Gonna assume the 82 and prior half shafts are different than the 83+. The diff side on the 83+ has a circlip.....which holds the spider assembly. Remove this and both boots can be replaced. I removed a half shaft (new boots)from one of my trucks and came to the conclusion that it was missing the metal dust shield that is pressed on the shaft., as the pic shows. So.........I had to pull another shaft and install the new boots on it. BTW.....I have a set of 82 half shafts with low K's.....believe the boots are in good condition.

If only mine had the circlip......that would make it so much simpler to replace those bad boys!! They must have started that on the 82's, I wonder if those would fit on an 80?
The '80 had the differential on the passenger side, all other years had it on the drivers side. Not saying it won't work, only that the shafts would have to switch sides in order to have a chance of fitting. Interesting, eh?
You are correct, at least on my part. My 82 doesn't have a circlip either. Also the shafts are a different diameter also. But you can change the actual ends out. Hope that help , some?
Doug has pointed out this may not be totally correct. I have an '80 oil pan and it's offset different from another 4X4 oil pan that I remember as being off a Z22. I'm waiting for a p/m back from a friend that I did give a Z22 to, he's going to look at the pan and get back.
Half shaft lenghth changed from 82 to 83.
Around 3"....I think. For the offset diff. I'll measure them up.
Also gonna assume that the 80-82....with or without the L20B utilize the same half shaft.
The only difference would be a oil pan change to compensate for an 1980 L20B, 12 degree tilt.....?
I think.....:)
Not knowing....yet.
Bottom line is.....the 82 shafts will fit the early 80.
The half shafts are the same from 1980 to 1982, but the 1980 has the noteriety of having the differential on the opposite side. You can put a passenger 81-82 halfshaft on a driver 80's place and vice versa. My '82 is running a passenger '80 CV axle on my drivers side '82.
Was wondering if any of the 83+ shafts (left or right) would fit on 80-82.
Don't think so.....?
Not without extensive modifications, the shaft lengths are different. You'd have to find someone to re-spline the shafts, it can be done, hardly cost worthy, but if there's a will, there's a way.


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