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'80 720 4X4:

So I had a hole in a CV boot on my driver's side and just happened to have an old (new) pair of CV boots and decided that I would pull the axle off and replace them. I thought this would take an hour tops. After getting the axle on the workbench, I realized I would have to disassemble the thing to get old boots off and slip new ones on. I thought I would just have to remove a snap ring or something. The inner part of the joint (sorry I don't know the terminology) is actually pressed and swedged onto the shaft. Being a little upset with myself for taking something apart that I now might not be able to put together, I decided to try and get a whole new axle and found out none of the parts places in town are able to get one. With the help of some mechanic friends, we used a puller to take the bearing assembly off of the shaft, replaced the boots, put it back on and re-swedged the shaft. I'm hoping this will hold and not lead to some sort of catastrophic failure when I'm driving down the road........any thoughts or suggestions?

Does anyone know where remanufactured half axles for this truck can be found? My passenger side boots are starting to show some cracks....... Or, was what I did with the driver's side legit? How about the two piece CV boot kits, are they any good?



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Hello Josh, 

The only 2 piece boots I have found to be effective are the ones with the little bolts that hold them together on one side. Those I've used and they last a good while. The ones you glue together are junk. They never stay together, one will surely open up. The best is to get the Nissan ones original, or jobber good quality. Try Rockauto.com, its where I get most of my parts. 

Dattsun Al





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