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Looking for help from anyone who has replaced all the bushings on their front end. How many are there? I know you have upper/lower control arm, strut rod, stabilizer bar. Any other ones? What brands did y'all go with? I've heard good about Moog and Energy. 1985 720 King Cab 4x4. Anything else I should consider replacing while doing this?

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Go with rubber or what ever synthetic rubber passes for rubber these days. Rubber grips both parts and will flex internally. Poly is too stiff and ony or the other part will slip causing squeaks and wear. Poly will also transmit noise and vibration more readily. Poly reduces ant flex induced suspension movement which is fine road racing but this is a truck.

Hey big guy,back in 2009,my tires were leaning in on the inside,causing my tires to wear on the inside,took it to Columbus springs here in Georgia,The rubber bushings and the part holding it was ate into the metal,they showed me and said it was common for our 4x4's to do this,we'll,he welded it back and put poly bushings in there,that has been 11 years ago and it drives great.Here are some pics I just took,and I had new tires put on before I took it to them and ended up getting 61,000 miles on the goodwrench.Also a picture of my engine...got 366,000 miles on the speedo...


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