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Bought an '83 King Cab awhile back, gas and temp gauges inop. Wiring schematic for my '85 shows they share the regulator. Any wisdom here before I pull cluster? I grounded temp wire already.

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On mine, when I removed the gauge (one screw), the V/R was a part of the assembly that contains the gauge. Discontinued at Nissan.

Have you checked all your connectors for continuity? Is temp gauge working? If you're positive it's the regulator I'd be calling some of these. Mouser and Digikey have great customer service and there's prob an electronic regulator that'll work.


Make your own electronic voltage regulator for your gauges...



Electrically a 3 pin LM7812 would easily replace a mechanical gauge regulator. Fitting it in and heat sinking it might be a little more tricky. Perhaps this is a project I should try and document.
Also a capacitor is used to filter and smooth out the voltage. It's kind of. like an electrical shock absorber.


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