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84 KC 4x4. Fuel pump stopped delivering. But it works fine if you bypass the factory circuit with a direct connection to battery. Mechanic wants to just hardwire it. Sounds kludgey to me. I know there is some form of regulator upstream of the pump's electric circuit. How important is it and are replacements available? TNX!

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I had to replace my idle cut off solenoid not long ago,started to idle high and diesel I just pulled the wire from it and it didn't die,ordered a new one and it works good again.It didn't come with a rubber o-ring like the picture shown,so I went to Autozone and bought a pack with different sizes off the shelf and it worked,just don't over tighten it,will cause it to not idle.just snug.The red wire goes to the idle cut off solenoid and blue wire to choke.check this out,Getting the solenoid into the screw hole is super tight,I got my dremel tool with grinder and grinded the piece by it to get to fit,or you may strip screw hole out.





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