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That is a great price. Is that the older type, with the removable filter? That's what mine has.

That is a super price.last year my oem fuel pump went out,I bought a new filter for 10 bucks,that goes inside fuel pump,it didn't work, bought a oem Beck Arnley fuel pump for 192.00 bucks from Ebay.I will buy a 52.00 one so when this one goes out I will have one,this is my second Beck Arnley one, first one was a lot cheaper.I also bought a Oem one from Nissan 22 years ago.Nissan still has them in stock.About 130.00 and shipping.

We'll,kind of leary about these cheap china fuel pumps,the angle of the inlet and outlets are not the same,bought a washer tank with pump from them and it didn't last long.Since Nissan still have them,I will pay more and get a real one.At the moment I don't need one.This is what I am using now.Beck Arnley 152-0741. Can't find these,they are too expensive.You may have to replace the fuel lines to fit the cheap ones.I think long time ago when my original heater core went out and I replaced it with a Autozone one,the angle of the inlet and out pipes were different and it caused my hoses to be too short and I had to replace them and it doesn't fit snug in the box.Autozone no longer carries heater cores,went to get another one that had a warranty and they refunded my money,found one on Ebay,last one and it was the same as Autozone's,Oreilly's and Advance doesn't have them either.Here's my fuel pump,check out the angles of the inlet and outlets compared to the others.

Unbranded means Chinese made as if the price wasn't enough. I guess the American flag is a red herring. Pressure not mentioned.

Me personally, I'd go with the OEM if I needed one and pay the extra. I just changed the pump filter in mine, and it's still holding up. Also changed the fuel filter, which was potentially the original Japan filter, 35 years old, 180,000 miles. It was BLACK. All sorts of who knows what came out. Hate to think what's at the bottom of my gas tank...

Well the 720 has a return line so slowly but surely all the gas is recirculated so all the gas is filtered continuously. I expect the tank will be quite clean and anything is in the filter.

My truck had the stock tank and filter/pump but constantly clogged my inline filters if you drove it at a 1/4 tank or less.

When I rebuilt the truck I replaced the fuel tank and pump., fixed that problem completely.

OEM tank had a lot of junk in it from over the years.

The replacement pump I bought was from Rock Auto and it was the only Beck Arnley one they had left, when it arrived it had the OEM gold color and stamped "Made in Japan" on it with a Nissan emblem stamped into it.


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