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My 720 is stuck in the driveway because of those nasty fuseable links. I have looked everywhere and I may need to make one if i can't get a working one. I'm waiting to hear back from Lynchberg Nissan but doubt they have one so I'll make one from a used one even if I have to cut the connectors and glue them back. 

Mine looks like this from Lynchberg Nissan

link how to make one (I'll try and salvage connectors on old set
Thanks Linda

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I bought 2 for my 85,one is on my truck,other is in my parts bin,got from dealer I can call them and see if they can still get them,the metal piece you will have to take off old one and put on new one,they are no longer in stock.I am now headed to work.I will look in my records and see when I bought them and how much they are.

Hi Again,just got to work,my records show that I bought 2 new Fusible links from the Nissan dealer here in April 15,2018,a year ago,I don't have to prepay, I just call them and they will look up part to see if they can get it,then they call me when it comes in.The metal piece that connects to it on one end and the other end connects to the battery is no longer in stock,I took my old one off and put it in new one,I have a spare one but I am not parting with it.I paid 20 something for it,no shipping charge.When I get off work I will post pictures of the one on my truck and the spare one,I will look and see if I still have the old one too.The fittings that the fusible link fittings connects to went bad years ago,so I put new fittings on,you will see in my pictures.They don't sell pig tails to that.Bought a new pigtail for my engine coolant temperature sensor not long ago,with new sensor.

Mine is the same as that picture,if you want I can call my dealer to see if they can get it.

Hi Tommy,

I just ordered the last one that Reily of Lynchberg Nissan makes. He said he isn't making anymore so I will surly keep the old harness and rebuild mine for the future. Not cheap by any means but nessessary. As a backup can you ask to see if another is available in case I blow this trying to track down that short?

Thanks again Linda

Hi Linda,I will call Nissan today after work,and if they have it,I will order you one,your short may be from the black wire on your fusible link connected to your white wiring going to your alternator,mine was bad.If you want to call me my number is 706-580-6110,I am in Georgia...

Called the Nissan Dealer here yesterday and was told,there are no more of them,just have to rebuild your old ones.Usually the thick black wire gets burned up from the alternator,easy to fix.Just replace the wire with same gauge and put new fitting on end,Auto part store should have them.

Hi Tommy Perkins I got the last one and I will rebuild my old one. The old one has a burn in the large plastic connector. I tested the old one as per instructions from Reily and all read continuity and zero ohms so the old one may still be good or just the black link bad intermittently. I'm trying to figure out why that happened. Perhaps the previous years battery did it and then giving me intermittent trouble this year. I have driven the truck yet but will try this week while testing the alternator for intermittent voltage change.

I also have a new ignition switch so maybe no trouble I'll be careful making sure I get over all the RR crossings while testing....wink.

Looking for a turn signal switch now and I'll post here 1985 preferably with Cruze control.

I'll keep you posted.


New useable link makes her put like a kitten.

Taken today.


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