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I'm looking for a set of bucket seats.

Got a pair in decent condition?

With the tracks would be ideal.

I'm in California.



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Hi Lance. Just a heads up. Corbeau makes Nissan/Datsun seat brackets part# c22031 for the 720. They are aftermarket and allow you to mount whatever seat. Just need to hit up lowes and grab a 1 ft or 2 ft piece of 1/8 steel. This way you can cut rectangles and mount the plates on the bracket and then drill holes on the plates for whatever seat to mount it without drilling into the bracket. Hope that helps!

That does help, thanks.

np sir! I use them on my truck and just checked amazon. They still have them.

You can also use seat tracks out of an '80's Mazda pickup, the tracks match right up to our floor holes.   When I could not locate a set of OEM ones I grabbed these to try and make 'em work, to my surprise the holes matched and all I needed to do was weld them to my aftermarket seats.

more helpful info, thanks

I found seats from an 05 Isuzu trooper, bolted right in.

Thanks for the idea

anybody have any yet?????

You still looking for buckets?

Yep. Are you nearby? Text me pics oh what ya got 2096314941. Thanks!

I don't  have the seats any more, but they were in pretty bad shape anyway. I do have the tracks and hardware, though. If you can use that, let me know and I'll send them to you. At the moment they're just taking up space in my garage and I'm never going to use them again. I did the same thing Geoffry did, replaced my seats with Corbeau seats, and their brackets and seat tracks fit perfectly.

I'm interested in the tracks..if Jeff above doesn't have any. Where are ya located? Thanks for replying.





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