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I'm looking for a set of bucket seats.

Got a pair in decent condition?

With the tracks would be ideal.

I'm in California.



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I'm in Boise, Idaho. I checked this morning just to make sure, and I still have the seat tracks and bolts, springs, cables, etc. that were attached to the seat tracks. If you want them, let me know, and I'll pack them up and send them to you if you'll pay for the shipping. From your phone area code, you're somewhere around Sacramento, give or take 50 miles in any direction, so the shipping shouldn't take more than a day or two.

Did you have an idea for a price? I'm in 95340.

I need a guess on price.  Yes, I'm 120 miles from Sacramento down in Merced zip code 95340

I don't have seats, but these seem to pop up every month or two at Pick Your Part here in SoCal.  I saw a pretty nice set of black ST seats the other day, but I was about 30 minutes too late, as someone was already removing them.

Since your in NorCal, it might be too costly to ship anything I might find.

...but, I pass through the region down 5 or the 405 or 15 to visit my daughter.  Black ones are ideal for me.  Well, keep an eye out for me, thanks.

I have a set of blue buckets from a 85 st. They are in good shape no rips just need a good cleaning. I'm in Fresno
Feel free to shoot me an email with some pics. Got any other 720 parts around?
ebermerced@aol.com thanks
I just shot you an email. I also noticed that the passenger seat is missing the headrest. How does 40 sound?





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