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Is Channing's 720 a disgrace still?

Is Steve jealous of Tommy's mileage? Does Steve know everything? Does the smog affect him?

Do Canadians learn to read?

Just sayin'.

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Shit disturber.....

Hey Mike

You send a lot of posts on different forums so you may not remember since it was a few years ago. Tommy had posted on here and got very personal about his depression and despondancy over the suicide of his brother and talked of harming himself. You instructed him to find immediate proffesional help. Not to be a buzzkill as far a fucking with Tommy goes, but his issues are way beyond what any of us understand. He comes off a royal prick, is on heavy meds, and for me I just ignore his irrational behavior.

Is Ratsun slow today Mike?

 I wouldnt know because you fucks banned me a few years back. :)

Datsuns are my way of coping with life.

I come here for a vacation.

Start a new user account I won't say anything.

Speaking of fucks.... I'm all out of them as far as Tommy's comments go. They don't bother me 'cause Canadians have poor reading comprehension and they only get sort of angry




Channing's truck is only a disgrace because I keep dropping the ball getting his mounts shipped out for his KA swap (Sorry man....)

Steve isn't jealous of Tommy's mileage, just the cost per gallon of gasoline difference from Florida to California.

For the most part, Steve knows everything, and when there is a shortfall in knowledge, there is google and archived Ratsun posts.

The smog affects everyone in Kalifornia, and Nevada as well since it drifts over our state as well.

As far as Canadians and reading, I quote a Canadian comedian who I can't remember his name, but he once said "got my education in Canadia, best of all seven countries."

Hope we find all is well with you Datzenmike.


If i started a new account it would get shut down as soon as they knew who i was.  "they" meaning Skib

 Patrick please...... i dont know everything

Wow what a bunch of outcasts and rebel rousers we have collected here on 720World...  lol

Well, Steve, you know a considerable amount more than the next guy. Just being an ego booster.
Well my 720 is a little bit of a disgrace. She needs a little more love than what she has been given. I have been inspired by the paint topic lately and started on some bodywork. Patrick when you get a chance let's square up on mounts and other swap parts you have available.


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