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Hi 720 fans,  blew the head gasket on my Z24 (on surprise there :-(  engine overheated.)  And took it apart and checked the block and head.  Block within specs but the head is toast.  Will get a rebuilt head.  My question is what is the best brand of head gasket to buy?  Lots of brands and want to get the best.  Thanks for your help.  Also can the head bolts be reused, having trouble finding new?

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Nissan headgasket is your best bet.. high price but seriously how many times do you want to change the headgasket?

Its still available.

 The headbolts are re-useable, but if you don't like that idea you can go Nissan or aftermarket like TopLine.

Don't use any headgasket coating (like coppercote) its a welcome mat for head leaks on a z24

Thanks for the info.  It looks like the head gasket was replaced before I got this truck and they used Coppercote.  maybe part of my problem.  I will not use anything when replaced.

if  you have  access to  to  a car  quest ask  for  VICTOR VENS brand  all  the parts  in  the  set  are Japanese  parts some  as  oem  the worst  you can get  is  a  felpro brand   on  head bolts  ok  to reuse it  clean  it  the  tread  whith a  brush  die  grinder or  some  similar  don't forget  to  put  some  coat  of  engine  oil when  installing .

Went to Carquest website and found Victor Reinz brand.  Thanks for all the info.  Found that brand on Rockauto also for almost half the price.


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