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I am still looking for a heater core.Jack is fixing to put a new A.C.compressor,dryer and a expansion valve in my 85.He did that to my wife's 04 lincoln LS and it is ice cold.Fixing to get her painted soon,gonna get a new grill,both front side lights,rear lights.and some new black rims.Going to get a stimate soon.

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I just sent you a message on Facebook. Reply as soon as you can

Hey,I couldn't find your message on facebook,but jack has my dash all apart,and sure would like to get that heater core.

Hi Ya'll.I am getting a whole new heating and A.C. system.I have been fighting it for 26 years.The Heater core and heater control are no longer around,plus everything is old as shit.So Jack is installing me a whole new system and it is very pricey.The old heater core box will be gone,so will the blower motor box and the cooling box.The control switches with the cables will be gone.He showed me one that he has installed in a restored vehicle,you ought to see it.My vents on my dash will still be used,but I will have another type where the heater core was.My A.C. and heater and fan speed will be controlled my knobs that you turn,no cables.I will have a new compessor,new dryer,new expansion valve,new evaporator,he's going to clean the condensor,put a new A.C. belt on.It comes as a kit.I will show it to ya'll when I get it back,in a few weeks,then,my wife is getting some repairs done on her car,then I am going to take mine to get painted,then some new black rims and off road tires.Getting it painted metallic Silver,maybe a new bed liner if they can find me a new one.Also jack is doing a complete brake job on the front,new rotors,new wheel studs,new calibers,new brake lines,new brake pads,new bearings.He did the back in 2009 with a new brake cable,I think he said I need a new brake line back there,but he is going to check the brakes back there and see if it needs anything.I have 368,000 miles on her and this will be the first new rotors.He put the jasper engine in 2009,and got 83,000 miles on it and still runs like new.He put a new compressor,dryer and expansion valve in my wifes car last week,it's ice cold now.

I got my truck back from Jack,he did a complete heating and A.C. make over.It came as a kit and a big price tag,but anyway,the only thing he used in the old system is the heater hoses and the dash vents,heater core and box is gone,blower motor and box is gone,expansion valve box gone.Here are some pics,plus he redid the whole front brakes,new pads,new calibers,new brake lines,new rotors,new wheel studs,new wheel bearings,new c.v. boots,new lug nuts.New brake master cylinder.


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