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Quick question is there a light in the hood of a 1986 720 pickup king cab 2.4l carburetor. On the cover of the haynes manual for this truck is a pick of a 720 with a hood light near the driver side and I see my truck has the socket there but no light so does a light go there or does something else?

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Yeah,a light goes their,I may have a extra one.

Really I knew it. Do you know if they make them anymore or the bulbs specs because the previous owner just left a napkin in there and I would like to fix that. Would you sell it?

Available on GX and DL models from '80 on. The '83 and up number is 26740-89904  and the same lamp was available on the original '68-'73 510 and S30 and S130 cars.

Bulb? Just take it with you to any auto supply store. Get a retro fit LED for more light.

Alright man thank you guys I appreciate its been bugging me ever since I got my truck, I am glad to finally get that situated


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