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Hi Ya'll,I was coming home today from getting a haircut,noticed my engine kind of not driving right and a noise coming from under the glove box.So I removed the change tray and started it up and the ignition relay was making the noise,we'll awhile back I bought one cause I was having some issues and thought that was it but it was my fusible link,it had a bad wire that goes to the alternator.I plugged the ignition relay in and it stopped making the noise and drives great again,the relay clipes on the fuel pump relay holder. A new one from Parts for Nissan  are 42 with shipping,I just ordered a new one to have on hand.Part number is 25230-C9907.Seen one from Geek parts for 30 with shipping but rather go with Nissan.

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Just got home from work.My 720 is fixed,the ground was at fault.Time to do yard work...

Here's the latest on my 720 problem.It kept idling high and my battery gauge was going up and down.So I went back to Autozone to re charge battery.He tested, then said it was good,then he tested for a load,then said it was bad,So I took it to Walmart where I bought it,they tested for load and it said to recharge,so after a hour on charger,it said bad,so they gave me a free one,it was under warranty,yay.But Idling was still a issue.Yesterday after work,got home,put meter on battery,it read.12.76,so I started it and put meter on it and it read 12.41,then I looked at battery gauge in truck and it read 12 volts.So I knew all along and Mike Did,that the alternator regulator was bad,drove to Autozone and they tested again,about the 4th time but  on this test, it said bad regulator,and it was under warranty,got a free one,now it is idling right.Mike  was so right about our alternator giving false readings.So now I have a new battery,new alternator,new fusible links and new battery terminals,new alternator belt.


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