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Hi Ya'll,I was coming home today from getting a haircut,noticed my engine kind of not driving right and a noise coming from under the glove box.So I removed the change tray and started it up and the ignition relay was making the noise,we'll awhile back I bought one cause I was having some issues and thought that was it but it was my fusible link,it had a bad wire that goes to the alternator.I plugged the ignition relay in and it stopped making the noise and drives great again,the relay clipes on the fuel pump relay holder. A new one from Parts for Nissan  are 42 with shipping,I just ordered a new one to have on hand.Part number is 25230-C9907.Seen one from Geek parts for 30 with shipping but rather go with Nissan.

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Just got home from work.My 720 is fixed,the ground was at fault.Time to do yard work...





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